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November 2, 2012

Your View: Elected officials never learn to work together

The polls are predicting another close presidential race. Because of this no matter which candidate wins 45 to 49 percent of the people will not have voted for the next president.

After the election the winner and the loser will tell us how they will work together (reach across party lines) for the good of the country and all of us. For some reason this does not happen. The Democrats and the Republicans are seldom able to work together. To me it seems like both of them want total control and do all things their way.

A suggestion about how to work together, show respect, negotiate, etc., would be for the next president to offer the other candidate a position such as an advisor/consultant. Maybe if our top officials model the behavior of working together it would trickle down to our senators, our House of Representatives, and to all Americans.

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