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November 3, 2012

Your View: Shunkwiler has fresh ideas, new vision

Thad Shunkwiler and I worked together for 2 1/2 years at Minnesota Security Hospital. It is because of his moral courage and his ability to lead that I am endorsing him for State House of Representatives.

I am impressed by his ability to listen to people and find solutions to difficult problems. Shunkwiler has the highest regard for his community and country, reflected in his military service and his work as a community mental health advocate. As a combat veteran, Shunkwiler knows first-hand the sacrifices of service and the struggles our veterans still face here at home.

While working at Minnesota Security Hospital, Shunkwiler has continuously displayed his leadership regarding patient care and public safety.

We are facing challenging times for our country and community. We need a representative like Shunkwiler to serve us and advocate for what is right. He has a deep respect for the people of Minnesota and wishes to serve to make Minnesota a better place.

Shunkwiler believes in lower taxes and smaller government and believes that ultimately, the people of Minnesota and not big government, are the solution to the state’s problems.

The positions he takes are chosen out of what he believes to be right, and not chosen in order to be a popular candidate. He has the courage to stand behind his beliefs.

The state Legislature needs change and Shunkwiler would bring with him fresh ideas and a new vision.

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