The Free Press, Mankato, MN

April 24, 2013

Your View: Legislators don't need more pay

Daryl Fritz, Eagle Lake

— Guess what, Sen. Kathy Sheran ... we’d all like to work 60 days a year (the state Constitution limits the Legislature to meeting 120 days each biennium) and earn enough to support our families.

Unfortunately, we commoners have to work about four times that many days, and some of us still don’t earn enough to support our families as well as we’d like.

Although I don’t expect you to understand this, that is what motivates most of us to work harder, improve ourselves, and get better paying jobs.

As for legislators being predominantly “retired or wealthy,” I see no reason a non-wealthy, working person could not be a very effective legislator and also have another source of income (job) during the other nine months of the year.

In fact, that is probably why our Minnesota forefathers limited legislative sessions to 120 days every two years. Maybe to discourage “career politicians.” Maybe to make sure legislators kept in touch with real life by working at a real job.

As far as I know, nothing prevents Sheran from getting an “off season” job, since she doesn’t think she’s paid enough for her part-time job.

By the way, senator, you forgot to mention the $9,202.00 you collected in per diem and “other expenses” payments last year.

Nice gig if you can get it.