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October 4, 2012

Your View: We license marriage because of children

Why has the government for thousands of years concerned itself with the licensing of marriage?

Social studies confirm that a mother and a father is what is best for children, and what is best for the children is also what is best for future societies. Marriage legally ties the man and the women and asks them to be responsible for the education and care of the children born of that marriage. Because of the ability for one man and one woman to create children, marriage is unique and should be defined as such.

The government is not in the business of licensing relationships or love. The government does not license friendships, engagements or co-habitation. Marriage is not about what adults want or desire, marriage is about what is best for the children and the future of society.

I will vote “yes” on the marriage protection amendment in November to protect marriage as between one man and one woman and for the future of families and society.

I would also remind voters who may choose not to vote on this issue that their ballot will be counted as a “no” vote — a non vote is a “no” vote.


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