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October 10, 2012

Your View: Mankato overstepped on amendment issue

— Oct. 1, the North Mankato City Council had the marriage amendment on its agenda for discussion and a possible public hearing. After hearing several resident presentations there was no motion made to discuss the issue further.

We totally agree with the council. They have no reason to become involved in this issue and it should be decided by the Minnesota voters Nov. 6.

The city council is under no legal or other obligation whatsoever to hold a local hearing on a statewide issue nor is it required to take a position for or against any amendment to the state constitution.

This traditional marriage amendment was put on the ballot by the state legislators and our legislators most certainly held numerous hearings necessary prior to their vote.

The city council members represent the residents of North Mankato and Mayor Mark Dehen, Councilmen Bill Schindle and Bob Freyberg made no comments whatsoever if they supported or did not support the amendment. However, Councilwoman Diane Norland was very vocal about her non-support of the amendment and said of the amendment, "I abhor it."

We believe this is very unprofessional to make this statement when she supposedly represents all North Mankato residents.

We also strongly believe the city council of Mankato overstepped its bounds and had no right to take a stand on this proposed amendment.

Thank you, City of North Mankato, for doing the right thing and we are glad we are residents of North Mankato rather than Mankato.


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