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May 8, 2013

Health care reform law problems coming to bear


On April 8 speaking at the Harvard School of Public Health, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius conceded that implementing the ACA has been more complicated and frustrating than expected. On April 9 Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., one of the towering architects of the ACA, said: “I believe the Affordable Care Act is probably the most complex piece of legislation ever passed by the United States Congress. Tax reform obviously has been huge too, but up to this point it is just beyond comprehension.”

On April 17 Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, who voted for the ACA, told HHS Secretary Sebelius: “I just see a huge train wreck coming down.”

I believe the ACA is a job killer, unpopular, unaffordable and probably unworkable. Trying to fix it by tinkering around the edges is not the solution, in my opinion.

Bob Jentges is a former teacher, coach and insurance claims superintendent and is part a team of Free Press readers invited to comment more frequently on issues of the day. He lives in North Mankato and considers himself a conservative.

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