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May 17, 2013

MSU falls while coach Hoffner will win again

Attention MSU Alumni

You and I have just learned of the decision that the Minnesota State University leadership, i.e. Dr. Davenport, Mr. Kevin Buisman (and probably others) have made concerning Todd Hoffner, the former MSU Football Coach. This firing will resonate across the athletic nation—and beyond. One could suggest that this near ruination of a man and his family will highlight the legacy of these decision makers. What an accomplishment!

The MSU actions have been shrouded in near secrecy. Consequently, the Alumni are yet curious, the public is curious and those faculty who have misused their state-issued telephones must be shaking in their boots.

Oh, who is going to write Mr. Hoffner a letter of recommendation so he can be employed in a less hostile academic environment? My prediction: Todd Hoffner will return to the football turf to do for another institution what he did to accomplish a winning MSU football program. Not even MSU can keep a good football coach down!

Don Buchanan


Minnesota deserves lawmakers with a clue

Our senators, Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken were part of a group to vote for and pass Obamacare.

You know the overwhelming law that the Democratic leadership (Reid and Pelosi) said you’ll have to pass it to find out what’s in it.

Exactly what they did and then got a bit of buyer remorse when they find out that the law included taxes on medical devices. So Franken and Klobuchar lead a charge to repeal these taxes because they would hurt device manufacturing business (especially in Minnesota).

You’d think there was a lesson to be learned there. But now they vote for taxes on online business.

I guess they don’t think Minnesota businesses will be hurt.

In my humble opinion, we have clueless senators and the citizens of Minnesota and this country deserve better.

Dick Kuznia

St. Peter

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