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May 21, 2013

ACA benefits ignored by writer


12. Support for a transition to outcome based payment systems as a replacement for fee for service payments.

13. Support for more coordinated health care.

14. End of higher premium costs for women.

15. Greater health provider transparency.

16. Expansion of Medicaid coverage to include more low-income people.

17. Elimination of co-pays for some types of preventive care.


Cost containment:

18. Support for a shift toward electronic record keeping, coordinated care through “medical homes,” and outcome based payment methods.

19. Annual rebates from health insurers, if they spend less than 80 % of their income in providing actual health care.

20. Insurance exchange competition among private insurers and expansion of coverage groups.

21. Lower hospital costs, since they don’t have as great a burden for unpaid emergency room services.

22. A Medicare Independent Advisory Board to make recommendations if rising costs get out of hand.

23. A patient-centered outcomes research institute so health care workers have better information about best practices

24. Pilot program to explore alternatives to tort legislation.

25. More preventive care services for already established programs.

26. The cost benefits of greater preventive care and earlier treatment for newly insured persons.

Don’t let Jentges being miffed about “21 new taxes” distract us from the fact that there’s a way of paying for the ACA. Perhaps he would prefer a simpler taxing system like Medicare for All. But we weren’t able to get that.

Ron Yezzi



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