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May 22, 2013

Many counter-argue global warming

Like Leigh Pomeroy (Act now on Earth Day, April 27) I try to do what I can as an individual to protect the environment, and encourage others to do likewise. But I do not subscribe to the alarmist idea that man made climate change (f/k/a anthropogenic global warming) is anywhere near crisis stage, and that government needs to act now — with expensive schemes like cap and trade or a carbon tax.

Studies show the impact of such pending legislation/regulations would moderate warming by at most 0.11 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. But economists predict it could result in an average family income loss of about $1,000 per year, and 400,000 jobs lost as soon as 2016. When there is irrefutable evidence that the benefits of government intervention outweigh the costs, then and only then should the government act.

The European Unions climate change policy is on the brink of collapse. See "EU climate change policy in crisis after MEPs vote against high CO2 Prices" (The Daily Telegraph, April 16, 2013). Princeton physicist Will Harper's article "Indifference of Carbon Dioxide" (Wall Street Journal, May 8, 2013) states carbon dioxide is a boon to plant life and has little correlation with global temperature.

Well intentioned but maybe over zealous save-the-fragile planet individuals should recognize that scientists are not "universally in agreement...". See "Peer Reviewed Survey Finds Majority Of Scientists Skeptical Of Global Warming Crisis" (Forbes, February 13, 2013), and "Global Warming: Was It Just A Beautiful Dream After All" (Forbes, April 13, 2013). Also see: "Climate changing for global warming journalists" (Financial Post, April 15, 2013), and "Climate scientists struggle to explain warming slowdown" (Reuters, April 16, 2013).

Subsequent to Mr. Pomeroy's article I read with interest Free Press reporter Robb Murray's May 15 article summarizing meteorologist Paul Douglas climate change presentation at the ninth annual Senior Expo in Mankato.

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