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March 1, 2014

Catastrophic end to Earth is fiction

A recent letter by self-admitted environmentalist Liz Ratcliff claims climate change is not open for debate, it is fact, and scientific consensus states global warming is real and is caused by man.

People and actions emit greenhouse gases, but it’s physically impossible for anyone to control greenhouse gas emissions. Nature emits 34 molecules of carbon dioxide for every molecule emitted by humans.

Climate has changed well before the industrial revolution but we have environmentalists “all in” on the claim climate change is caused by man.

A recent study from a team of scientists from MIT and across the United States, published in Nature Geoscience, ( stated, “There are many components of the Earth’s climate system that can increase or decrease the temperature of the globe.”

Science is the study of how the physical world behaves, a mode of inquiry not of consensus. Truth, independence from authority, and absence of political interference are integral to the conduct of science. Appeals to consensus and authority are in fact a denial of science. They are an attack on science when used in support of politics.

First it was catastrophic global warming; now it’s climate change. What about that catastrophic global warming consensus?

The Scottish Climate & Energy Forum has been conducting a survey on the background and attitudes of participants to online climate discussions and recently released preliminary results. Know what they found? Two percent believed that increases in CO2 would cause catastrophic global warming.

We know that volcanoes, ocean variability, wind patterns, polar ice melting, etc., are natural variables impacting Earth. We know by definition climate changes. Stop selling a catastrophic end that is fiction not fact.

David Anderson


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