The Free Press, Mankato, MN

October 19, 2012

Your View: Romney puts the rich above the middle class

Glen B. Peterson, Mankato

— Gov. Mitt Romney dismissed middle class desire for tax fairness and “envious class warfare.”

The middle class is not envious and the hundreds of thousands of them that are veterans know the real meaning of warfare, unlike Romney and his five sons with no military experience.

Hundreds of thousands more have given their lives in ensure our precious right to vote, nearly 5,000 most recently to establish voting in Iraq.

The 2012 GOP voters suppression efforts in the states are shameful.

Romney said taxes should be discussed in “quiet rooms.” Likely rooms where it’s also believed corporations are people too, money is speech, tax plans and returns should remain hidden, billionaires deserve more and women less.

Middle class people believe only people are people, only speech is speech, women are equal and Romney’s tax plans and returns should be seen — knowing secrecy is the enemy of democracy.

Bush billionaire tax cuts and policies ended 50 years of middle class growth and stability.

Romney plans more billionaire tax cuts and will put profit-seeking insurance companies between seniors and their Medicare.

If one’s life or liberty differs from the right wing ideology, he will make it unlawful or unconstitutional.

Restore America’s central strength — a prosperous middle class – and preserve her freedoms. Vote Democratic.