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March 21, 2013

Your View: We all should favor efficient government

— A recent My View ended with a cherry-picked Margaret Thatcher quotation suggesting she did not respect Ronald Reagan. I think that quotation might have been related to Reagan's Helsinki speech on his dream of a nuclear weapons-free world.

An unrealistic dream probably, but I think a worthwhile dream nonetheless.

Did the two have disagreements when the interests of their respective countries were at odds? Certainly. But irrespective of that cherry-picked Thatcher quotation, almost all accounts from historians suggest the two had  remarkable transatlantic political partnership, genuinely admired and respected each other, and had a solid friendship.

Both came to office with a goal of reducing taxes. Both were committed to limiting the power, not necessarily the size, of government -- Thatcher through privatization, Reagan through deregulation. But, in my opinion, neither was anti-government.

The way I see it, people of various political stripes should all favor efficient/effective government. A civil debate on how to best accomplish that should continue.


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