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February 7, 2014

Holiday Lights proves value of beer-free events

The recent article in The Free Press on the Kiwanis Holiday Lights visits up by 30,000 people is a very refreshing one that goes to prove to people that it does not have to be beer-related to draw people to a festival, as it seems to be the only way they do in our town of New Ulm.

One hundred thirty thousand people — more than twice your city’s population or 10 times as many people who live in New Ulm.

I once tried to bring up having a winter fest idea in our town to our Chamber/Visitors Bureau and was told in writing that no one goes outdoor in the winter in Minnesota.

Maybe it’s not as cold in Mankato as it is in our fair city.

Keep it up Kiwanis.

Rick Howk

New Ulm

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