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June 9, 2013

Congress failing on Social Security promise

Now, Congress wants to break its promises.

Social Security is the most effective program, with the lowest overhead, ever created by the United States.

There are many solutions to the problems that Social Security may have. Our Congress knows exactly what can be done. Moving us closer to Wall Street has never been a realistic solution. Cutting benefits is not a solution.

Raising the Social Security tax rates and raising the maximum amounts of income that can be taxed for Social Security are the most obvious and reasonable.

We, the people, have earned our benefits based on U.S. government promises. Our Congress needs to get to work. If Congress can cancel its obligations to the elderly, it must surely cancel its obligations for U.S. bonds, commercial and international debt, etc.

Medicare has made it possible for the elderly to maintain their health by seeking care when needed and not waiting until they are too sick to be helped.

The longer one waits, the higher the cost of a cure gets. Entering a hospital through the emergency door means that everyone will pay much more to cover the costs.

Malcolm Brandt


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