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January 12, 2014

ACA needed, not power grab

I read Kermit Swanson’s Jan. 4 jaw-dropping letter. He supposes that Democrats are engaging in a massive “power grab” by enacting Obamacare. Then, he throws in allowing women to “…have babies for $4 a month or even go to college or strive for a better job or income..,.” as part of that power grab plot.

I mean, how dare women ask for such a thing. They should naturally expect bankruptcy as a possibility of childbirth, or maybe expect no medical care. Of course, ignorance, and being barefoot must follow. That’s the Republican way.

He seems angry that Democrats are expanding their base by offering such things. Figure that one out will you. Imagine gaining power (votes) by offering wanted and needed things to people? What a novel approach. I guess Mr. Swanson expects Republicans will win elections by depriving people. The more you deprive, the more votes? I guess that works in the GOP bubble.

You see, I thought Government was about “We the people…”; you know that of, by, and for the people thing? Of course, that includes the constitutional “…promote the general welfare….” thing. I think we have lost our way as a country if greed and selfishness rule the day.

The preaching of the new Pope is particularly poignant in these times. While our Constitution seems to partition government from religion, the Constitution seems to embody Christian values, one being caring for the least among us. Certainly, it isn’t Christian to covet what is thy neighbor’s.

Dan Conner

North Mankato

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