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January 17, 2013

Your View: Writer adopts right wing's class warfare

— Bob Jentges' Jan. 12 letter is filled with the typical innuendoes that he always uses to argue that his words, if taken literally, are innocent.

His use of the word "balanced" with quotation marks to refer to the Obama administration is a typical example.

By using those marks, Mr. Jentges is intimating that the approach is not really balanced at all.

A second example is his attempt to slip in his notion of our current society as a "cradle-to-grave welfare state" as if that is a settled fact, when he knows, or ought to know, that this country is a far cry from such a state.  

Another allusion to the "growing welfare state" is followed by an allusion to the "attitude of some in the electorate" which could result in a 2014 majority in the House of Representatives which will lead to more taxes and more welfare spending.

He tries to show his concern for the "poor" by noting that they cannot afford a tax increase, but by putting quotation marks around the word poor, he shows his true feelings for that category of people.

He then tries to soften his insulting insinuations by alluding to his concern for the middle class.

Mr. Jentges will undoubtedly try to reject such an interpretation as beyond his meaning, but readers, both right and left, know what he means.

He means that spending cuts should focus on those programs that help the "poor" and the middle class and not on those policies that support corporate welfare and the very wealthy.

Class warfare is alive and well in the right wing and, unfortunately, Mr. Jentges has fallen for their con.


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