The Free Press, Mankato, MN

February 4, 2013

Your View: Quist’s business experience would be asset

Sean T. Fenske, North Mankato

— In the upcoming special election for Minnesota State House District 19A, I am looking for a representative who will hold the line on spending in St. Paul and ensure our hard-earned tax dollars are put to the best use.

That individual is Allen Quist. As a small businessman and family farmer, Quist understands the importance of a dollar.

Quist believes that the Democrats and Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposal of creating a new tax on services and clothing only serves to hurt the average middle-class Minnesotan. Rather than having to pay taxes on getting my hair cut or purchasing school clothes for my children, Quist understands the long-term solution to Minnesota’s budget is to reduce and manage spending.

Minnesota is in desperate need of a legislator who not only understands the importance of a hard work ethic, but also has real-world financial experience.

Quist fits the bill on both accounts. Next Tuesday, please join me in sending Quist to St. Paul to fight the Democratic monopoly and ensure our hard-earned dollars stay in our wallets.