The Free Press, Mankato, MN

March 30, 2013

Your View: Rep. Cornish answers gun law criticism

Rep. Tony Cornish , R-Good Thunder

— In answer to Patrick Duenwald’s letter of March 17 concerning gun control:

Duenwald’s point “the opponents to any version of gun control will never be swayed by intellectual argument.”

Answer? You have to make one first.

Duenwald’s point: “These people are prepared to hunker down in their homes and rely on firearms to provide them a sense of security.”

Answer? Gun Owners and I don’t know “hunker down.” We’re at the Capitol.

Duenwald’s point: The NRA and the firearms industry have “mobilized and financed an impressive political movement with a simple objective --- defeat any attempt to control possession of virtually any form of firearms.”

Answer? Actually I and the NRA and the Gun Owners Alliance have worked hard to control the possession of guns by criminals this year with more efficient and time related background checks, more information going to the National Background Check System, increased penalties for straw purchases and more information released earlier on mental health information and keeping guns out of the hands of the criminally ill and dangerous.

Duenwald’s point: “The NRA would argue that background checks do not work.”

Answer? The NRA has never said background checks do not work. The NRA has argued that “Universal Background Checks on Private Sales and Gun Shows” are ineffective because criminals do not get their guns there. They rob, steal, burglarize and borrow them from relatives.

Duenwald’s point: “Most of us are sitting on the sidelines of this debate.”

Answer? Maybe you are, but gun owning citizens and Constitution defenders are at the Capitol making a difference. And, no. I’m not budging to make laws that don’t work!