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March 31, 2013

Your View: We need more politicians like Tony Cornish

— It appears to me that John Enger hates Rep. Tony Cornish. I don't know why.

Maybe it was the hurtful way he spoke about Cornish and his comments about guns and Jesus. Maybe it was because he called Cornish arrogant and his letter sounded arrogant to me.

I never heard Cornish speak in an arrogant way to anyone. Maybe it was the wastebasket comment that you should “have a wastebasket handy if you feel a little ill” at Cornish's words.

I don't know I never hated anyone that much, so I can't speak from experience. Maybe it's because he believes he knows what Jesus said better than than his disciples did (probably because he was taught that) even though the disciples heard it first hand.

Maybe it was because he said Cornish's “gun agenda is dangerous and pointless.” It seems to me someone said that about religion once or twice.

I would ask Enger what he would do if (for the sake of argument) his car broke down in downtown Minneapolis at 3 a.m. and he and his wife were held at gunpoint by someone that was very likely to kill them. Would he say “put that gun down, and ask yourself what would Jesus do?” Or if he had a gun would he use it to defend his wife and those he loved?

I have no dislike for Enger but I disagree with his opinion that Cornish should exit the political stage. I think we need more men like him.

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