The Free Press, Mankato, MN

April 9, 2013

Your View: DeKruif is misleading with his facts

By Dan Conner, North Mankato

— Well, I can certainly tell Al DeKruif is a partisan former legislator. Not a quality for bipartisanship or for better serving Minnesota residents.

First, coming from a man who seems so hypersensitive to poll wording, he seems to use the same tactics himself. The Gallup, Rasmussen, and Quinnipiac polls of April 5, all gave President Obama a positive approval rating: Gallup, 48/47 percent; Rasmussen, 51/49 percent; McClatchy/Marist, 51/49 percent; Quinnipiac, 49/45 percent. The first percentage being positive and the second percentage, negative.

Second, the McClatchy/Maris and Rasmussen polls of April 3 and April 4 indicated the overwhelming percentage of Americans felt our country is headed in the wrong direction. The president's leadership is in positive, but our country's direction turns negative when our Congress is factored in. The public views Republicans less favorably than Democrats by at least 6 percent.

While DeKruif likes to point out the president's deficiencies, he better look at his own party. President Obama won re-election by five million votes and four percentage points, over a "severely conservative" opponent, who incorrectly denigrates 47 percent of our countryÕs population.

I think it is about time Republicans get over their finger pointing and concentrate on self-improvement. Right now, they are the deaf, dumb and blind, trying to lead, or more appropriately, jerk our nation over a cliff and into an abyss.

I'm afraid it is DeKruif that "cherry-picks" polls and the sentiment of the American people.

While it is obvious to see DeKruif is homophobic and opposes gay marriage, he forgets about the only "poll" that counts. It's the one on election day.