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December 8, 2012

Your View: Mishandling of Hoffner case not unique

After reading the recent articles in The Free Press and The StarTribune, I am relieved that the charges against Todd Hoffner have been dismissed.

It is troubling to think what our society has turned into. I could agree when our Nicollet County Attorney requested that some deprived children be removed from their home. This seemed to be a real issue.

But when charges were brought against Hoffner, it reminded me of how poorly the system had handled a case against a relative of mine this summer. Attorney Jim Fleming also handled that case.

Hoffner commented “what an absolute nightmare it was. The mental, physical and emotional hardship it caused.” No less the financial hardship of it all and maybe even a job loss.

Fleming stated in the Hoffner case “there was little investigation and even less analysis.” He also stated how a “small group of people can cause such damage.” It sounded like the same issues as in my relative’s case. Do any of our doctors, investigators, police, attorneys, case workers, etc., really think out the situations and full investigate them?

I know they are overloaded with cases but do any of them realize the long-term damage that is caused by adding a word or two to a statement, or maybe reading between the lines?

There are times when we are not sure what our wife really meant. I would like to hear their reactions if the table were turned.

I firmly believe in protecting our children, but a little logic and common sense would go a long way. It was a real travesty how these two cases were handled.

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