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December 18, 2012

Your View: Ban violence, not guns

It’s inconceivable to most of us how anyone can harm a child; let alone go into a school and mow down children like cans on a fence. It’s more than tragic, more than sad, it’s unreal!

Right away, the bandwagon is rolled out to implement gun control. Anyone can get a gun, if you want one badly enough. Most of us in rural America have guns, our families have always hunted, we grew up with guns. Rather than ban guns, why not ban the violence?

Elementary kids are playing games on the Wii, Play Station, XBox where the only object of the game is to kill people. Now elementary students can’t buy those games, so someone “responsible” has to.

As a parent, I’m well aware, you can’t be with your child 24/7, but we can instill proper ideals, morals and values. There is violence in games, on TV, on the bus, on the street corner, at the park.

When and where did we acquire such violence as an acceptable way of life? Instead of proposing another law to take away the rights of the people who aren’t a threat — let’s take away the way ideas are planted in the minds.

Kids start to think killing people isn’t really real because in the game, the people you kill today are right back up there on the screen tomorrow when you play. It’s easy to understand, how less stable people might confuse reality with fiction. Sad but true!

We can’t pray in school — though I’m quite sure there was a lot of praying going on in that Connecticut school! Please pray for the devastated families and pray for peace! It has to start somewhere!


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