The Free Press, Mankato, MN

March 12, 2014

Plurality of scientists say warming catastrophic

The Mankato Free Press

---- — I just read the letter by David Anderson, “Catastrophic end to Earth is fiction.” It was uninformed and misleading.

First, his only proof was a website link that does not work.

However, I found it pretty interesting that does support the premise that global warming is exacerbated by man. Also, National Geographic says the same. In fact, nature geoscience explains the only reason global warming was slowed in the last 15 years was because of volcano eruptions, which cool the Earth. Otherwise, nature geosciences and National Geographic support the fact that global climate temperatures are increasing and climate change/warming caused by man.

Second, after debunking Anderson’s phony reference, the rest of his letter is poorly reasoned conjecture showing little interest in determining or resolving global warming. He seems confused about global warming and global climate change. Well, environmental scientists describe global warming as global climate change because they are related, and they felt climate change was less likely to get reactionary conservatives’ “shirts in a bundle.” They say global warming exists and is man-caused.

It is the warming that is causing global climate change.

Third, Anderson uses a survey solicited by the Scottish Climate and Energy Forum ( This survey was open to the general public and responses were generally received from lay people

Respondents overwhelmingly agreed carbon dioxide levels are increasing, CO2 is caused by man, global temperatures are increasing, CO2 is a warming gas, but that CO2 would not cause catastrophic warming. It should be emphasized the survey was not scientific and only sought opinions from lay people.

A plurality of scientists say warming will be catastrophic.

Dan Conner

North Mankato