The Free Press, Mankato, MN

March 13, 2014

Gun column was out of line

The Mankato Free Press

---- — Regarding John Cross’ column in Sunday’s Free Press (Free guns with truck make good business): Are you serious?

Do you seriously want to tell those of us (myself included) who have lost family members to guns that this is OK or am I getting my “shorts in a bunch?”

I find your remarks extremely uncaring and insulting.

If someone wants a gun, they can buy one. Thanks to the NRA you can get them anywhere.

As for the car dealer in Hawley: If he’s not selling enought cars, then he needs to lower his prices.

Dan Buboltz

New Ulm

Paralympic Games deserve coverage

I am so disappointed that The Free Press has not been covering the Paralympic Games in Sochi.

Disabled U.S. athletes are skiing, skating, boarding, shooting and curling on the very same mountains and venues that able-bodied athletes did only two weeks ago.

I’m streaming live on and finding it every bit as exciting and heart stopping as the Olympics.

A number of U.S. athletes have already won medals. It would be nice to see that mentioned in The Free Press.

Lynn Solo

North Mankato