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March 19, 2014

Recent crashes wake-up call for legislators

The recent traffic crashes and fatalities should be a wake-up call for the Legislature to take action to fix dangerous intersections and improve rural roads.

Additional funding would allow the Minnesota Department of Transportation to alleviate many more problems like narrow shoulders, steep ditches, sharp curves and not enough passing lanes. In some areas, major highways need to be completed, not only to facilitate freight traffic but to improve safety.

Driver error will always be a problem, but with better designed roadways, a driving mistake doesn’t have to be a death sentence. It’s time for more action in St. Paul to address our roads by making them safer and in better condition to handle the traffic and the many people who drive on them every day.

If we all pitch in a little more — the cost of a cup of coffee a week — we can have better and safer roads and we can breathe a little easier when our family members are on the road.

Vance Stuehrenberg


Blue Earth County commissioner

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