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March 20, 2014

News ignores warming skeptics, touts alarmists


Also in stark contrast from the petition to spike Charles Krauthammer’s Washington Post opinion column which was essentially agnostic about climate change. Dr. Krauthammer dealt with the “settled science” aspect of the debate.

But I think we should be less concerned with attempts to suppress articles on opinion pages than with some national mainstream media outlets (e.g. AP) failure to report, as news, scientific research by the many accredited skeptics in the field of climate science. To me, apolitical reporting of empirical evidence and evolving climate science research is a mark of good journalism.

Apparently the sensationalism of credulous save-the-planet-environmentalists, politicians with agendas and alarmist scientists, all purporting fear of future climate disaster, often falsely, makes for better network TV news and sells more newspapers.

Bob Jentges is a former teacher, coach and insurance claims superintendent. He lives in North Mankato.

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