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March 27, 2014

There's no harm in curbing climate change

Enough already.

How long are you going to allow The Free Press to be Bob Jentges’ private soap box for his minority views on climate change? The experts he quotes represent less than 1 percent of scientists with any credibility. Even that 1 percent only disagrees with the idea that global climate change is being caused by humans. Most do not challenge the data that change is happening.

If climate change is not being caused by our current lifestyle, what harm will be done if we change our behavior as many are advocating? I suppose the Exxons of the world may suffer, but there is nothing that precludes them from switching their focus to providing renewable sources of energy. They certainly have the cash resources to support new research.

No one is suggesting that we return to living in caves as part of the solution, but if the projections of global warming come to pass, caves may be where any remaining humans ends up living.

Jim Vonderharr


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