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October 25, 2012

Your View: Let the people decide amendments

— This is in response to a Your View letter published Sunday, by Ruth Johnson of St. Peter. The title of her short letter is "Amendments out of step with Minnesotans."

It is irritating to read comments (or hear them on TV) by liberals who are always so smart that they know everything and what is best for everyone, in their opinion.

Johnson obviously ignores the fact that many Minnesotans have the opposite view of hers. How did the amendments 1 and 2 get drafted and placed on the ballot? By other concerned citizens who want to protect our voting system from fraud.

Anyone who wants to do so can get an ID card. We need them for a driver's license, a bank account, to get into Attorney General Eric HolderÕs meetings, and the list goes on.

Please note that many caring citizens and, even among good friends, there are differing opinions on so many different thoughts.

Let us "let the people decide" these amendments by, hopefully, a fair vote.


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