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October 30, 2012

Your View: Voter ID amendment is not conservative

— Rep. Tony Cornish’s Oct. 28 column supporting the voter ID amendment is a perfect little example of the problems plaguing our politics.

 First, he’s clearly toeing the line. Every Republican this side of Arne Carlson is fully for this amendment. But isn’t the GOP supposed to be conservative? No matter how much logic twisting ‘conservatives’ do, this amendment is not conservative. It is a sudden fix for a non-existent problem. The conservative thing would be to keep voting the way it currently is.

 Also, the way which this amendment is proposed is the opposite of conservative. Something like this should be voted on by elected officials, not be dumped on the public on election day. If voter ID was so important, Republicans should have gotten together with Democrats and made a law. That things didn’t happen that way is telling.

 So many of our politicians now put their head down and toe a line on issues without giving real thought — particularly for the GOP, any deviation is seen as unacceptable weakness. So in essence, independent thought is becoming ‘deviant.’

 Lastly, I’ll mention that Rep. Cornish’s tone in his column is sarcastic and beneath what we should expect from elected officials. He keeps calling people who oppose voter ID or the way which it is being pushed with a ballot initiative ‘liberals.’ In fact, people who oppose these things are simply Minnesotans.


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