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September 25, 2013

GOP justified in its ACA rejections

Saturday’s Our View gave a “Thumbs down” to the House of Representatives GOP caucus “for once again obstructing the budget process by attaching a bill to defund the Affordable Care Act with the continuing resolution to fund the government, thereby creating the threat of a government shutdown.”

The Editorial Board goes on to state: “If the House GOP spent as much time trying to amend the ACA or offer their own version...”.

The way I see it referring to a continuing resolution as “the budget process” is open to question. A continuing resolution becomes necessary when Congress fails to pass a budget, as the law requires. Passing what Democrat Senate majority leader refers to as a “clean” continuing resolution to fund government essentially requires Congress to fund the same things it funded in the last budget, without changes, regardless of changing circumstances.

If a department manager in the private sector — maybe even in The Free Press —submitted something similar to a continuing resolution rather than an actual budget for their department’s next budget period, I venture to say it almost certainly would be rejected out of hand.

Among the 40 plus proposals the GOP House passed and submitted to the Senate were some efforts “trying to amend the ACA...” Most of them were killed by Harry Reid. Moreover, the GOP House has offered their own versions, two of which I mentioned in previous articles. They were, to use Reid’s words, dead on arrival in the Senate.

It seems as though Reid and the Senate take an all or nothing approach to the continuing resolution and the ACA. That approach toward betting at the poker table eventually leads to a bad result.

Bob Jentges

North Mankato



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