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October 12, 2013

Federal government not fiscally responsible

This is our federal government as we know it today:

1. They say our large debt is not sustainable, but they continue to outspend revenues. Clinton balanced the budget for a few years with $2 trillion dollars in revenue.

2. They say we will default on our debts if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. Really? What are they going to do with the $3.2 trillion in revenue they project to have next fiscal year 2014? Isn’t that enough to pay our debts? Other programs would have to be discontinued or reduced to maintain a balanced budget.

3. Has anyone heard a politician that has a plan to pay down the debt? The present forecast by this administration is that the debt limit will grow to $20 trillion by the year 2020. What programs are going to suffer when the interest payment takes a bigger slice of the revenue pie?

4. In reality the federal government has no plans on being fiscally responsible, either because they won’t make the hard decisions or they don’t think it is necessary for our stable economy. If you don’t think it is necessary to be fiscally responsible then you have the right representation.

Otherwise let’s vote them all out.

Eric Leone


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