The Free Press, Mankato, MN

October 16, 2013

Column on electric cars voiced narrow view

The Mankato Free Press

---- — How can we readers take seriously the electric vehicle information provided by the president of a so called "think tank" who wrote owners of electric vehicles "either don't have children or have no reasonable hope of ever having any" (A4, Sunday)?

Statements like this are at best divisive, while tearing down the man's credibility, obscuring the real debate. He fails to mention the growing market for inner city EVs where conventional auto pollution is truly in your face and where large EV buses are certainly not too small, disproving his argument that EVs do not meet needs.

Even his last statements confirmed his narrow view where he concludes the environmental benefits are marginal at best because, in part, electric vehicles "are charged with electricity generated from conventional fossil fuels."

We used an EV to commute to work and charged it with clean, solar power from our own sunlight, not imported, polluting fuels. We have children — and we care about their future.

Steve McCarneyMadison Lake