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April 12, 2014

Considine helped Mankato's economic prosperity

I am writing this letter in support of Jack Considine for representative of Minnesota House District 19B.

I have known Considine for many years. He worked as a corrections counselor in the Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Department for more than 20 years. He has also served on the Mankato City Council for 16 years. During that time, Considine served on more special commissions and task forces than any other council member.

Considine initiated the Mankato council’s action to name a street after Martin Luther King Jr. and Amos Owen. He was the lead advocate for city support of the Twin Rivers Council for the Arts and the Mankato Clean Air Act. He also represented the city of Mankato on numerous projects, including the Interstate 90 corridor group, promoting a regional approach to economic development.

In short, Considine has cooperatively worked in collaborative efforts to economically grow the Mankato area. His success is illustrated by Mankato’s outstanding economic prosperity. Mankato is a state job creation and economic growth leader.

His demonstrated skills of cooperation and collaboration, in the face of diverse opinions and interests, show he has the necessary leadership abilities to be an effective legislator for constituents of House District 19B and the people of Minnesota. Considine has shown he can work across the aisle.

Dan Conner

North Mankato

Councilman wrongon gas tax issue

North Mankato City Councilman Kim Spears states in his letter that he has seen our gas tax dollars diverted to such uses as light rail transit.

In point of fact, in 1956, the voters passed an amendment to the state constitution making it illegal to use gasoline tax revenues for any purpose other than roads and bridges.

Neither the governor nor the legislature can act contrary to this amendment.

Eric Hammar


Councilman wrong

on gas tax issue

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