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April 15, 2014

Open seat offerselection options

I would like to thank Rep. Kathy Brynaert for her service to our community. Although I am not a Democrat or Republican, Brynaert and her staff were always there to find answers to my questions.

This is now the time for a candidate who is not from those two major parties to run for office. Whether you run as an independent or as a candidate from a minor party, you will have to collect 500 signatures to get on the ballot. Or you can run on the Independence Party ballot line.

We really need more than two choices.

For those of you who don’t vote because politics is only getting worse, it will stay this way until you do vote and vote for a candidate who is not from those two major parties.

I would like to support a quality candidate who is not a Democrat or Republican this year. I hope some concerned citizen will step up and run.

Only minor party candidates and true independent candidates have to collect signatures to get on the ballot. Some states ask candidates to pay a fee to get on the ballot instead of collecting signatures. Those fees could help fund the political candidate refund program we have in Minnesota.

I hope you will sign a petition for a quality candidate to get on the ballot when they knock on your door. That does not mean you have to vote for that person. But you are helping that candidate with the right to get on the ballot.

We need a third and fourth option.

Michael Burger


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