The Free Press, Mankato, MN

March 15, 2013

Your View: Most farmers do their best to provide wholesome food

Wayne Fahning, Cleveland

— In your editorial Friday, "Get tough on antibiotics given to livestock," I would like to clear the air in that part of the livestock industry that I am involved in.

As a dairy farmer for over 45 years, I find it offensive to be blamed for antibiotics in livestock products sold to the general public. In our case, a sample of milk is taken from every tankful of milk that leaves the farm. If any antibiotics are discovered, we must discard that tankful of milk. If our milk contaminates any other tank of milk along the supply chain, we must pay to have it discarded as well.

It is in our best interest to prevent any contamination.

Any animals that we sell for slaughter must be antibiotic-free or they will be rejected. I believe most farmers do their best to provide wholesome food to the consumer.

We are consumers, too.