The Free Press, Mankato, MN

November 3, 2012

Your View: Same-sex marriage is already banned by statute

Jamine Deal, Lake Crystal

— All three of my children are of legal voting age this year and I am passing to them the same information my father passed to me.

You should vote in every election.

Your vote is private. Of course, I have opinions regarding candidates and issues but when they ask I try to provide basic facts, tell them there is abundant information and they should seek it out.

The topic this past weekend turned to the marriage amendment. It seems the impression that the campaigns are projecting, in their opinion, is that a vote “yes” is for marriage to be “one man, one woman” (true) and a vote “no” will allow same-sex marriage (false).

I told them:

1. Same-sex marriage and civil unions are not legal in Minnesota. Same-sex marriage is banned by statute passed in 1997;

2. If the amendment passes (voting “yes”) Minnesota would ban recognition of same-sex marriage and make the ban part of the state constitution;

3. If the amendment fails (voting “no”) same-sex marriage is (still) banned by statute.

That is not the end of the issue, just some facts regarding your vote.