The Free Press, Mankato, MN

November 11, 2012

Your View: Voters were bamboozled on amendment

Bob Jentges, North Mankato

— A few weeks ago, when I expressed my support for the marriage amendment, there was a lawsuit pending in Hennepin County alleging the existing Minnesota law banning same sex marriage violated the Minnesota Constitution.

I tried to explain my support for the amendment was essentially because it would make it difficult, if not impossible, for an un-elected judge to make such a ruling. Now that the voters have spoken and the amendment failed, we read that the newly elected Democratic majority in both houses of the Minnesota Legislature are considering legislation making same sex marriage legal in our state, expecting support from our Democratic governor. 

Certainly there were legitimate and principled reasons to vote “No” on the amendment, but I suggest that the amendment was not necessary because we already had a law banning same sex marriage was not one of them.

With all due respect I suggest those who voted “No” for that reason were bamboozled. In my opinion that is how progressivism works. It gradually fools some of us into selling our morals to the government.

Love who you want, co-habitate with who you choose; those are personal choices. I say yes to civil unions, but no to legalizing civil same-sex marriage in our state.