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October 2, 2013

Overpasses, not roundabouts, are the answer

Mankato is a growing metropolitan area. We have major regional highways that dissect our city connecting us to the region. We need to understand that how we view our role in future development is important to stimulating growth or in retarding it.

Highway 22 is one of those important connections. It needs to be viewed in that way.

We have spent the last 50 years separating local traffic from regional traffic. At one time all highways ran through our business districts, restricting travel times and clogging our city. The current path of Highway 22 was to be a bypass. We failed to preserve that concept. Funds were not there when needed.

Roundabouts are not the answer. It needs to be a limited access highway.

We can understand and work for that need today, or we can waste money on work that will only need to be redone in 20 years. What economic growth will be sacrificed during that time frame?

We need overpasses at Hoffman Road and Madison Avenue and at the intersections north of Highway 14. Both Adams Street, and Basset Drive could be built to go under Highway 22.

Yes, it will cost money. It will cost more in 20 years

We are a growing city and need this type of a road system before we get too congested to build it. Demonstrate a need and we can find the funding for it. Settle for mediocrity and that is what you will get.

Rob Swart


Cutting into hillside recipe for disaster

I would like to comment on the report by The Free Press regarding the proposed ravine development east of Stoltzman Road and James Avenue.

It appears the source of information for the report relies on Dan Moore’s point of view. He bases his support for the project on renters in the area, a transient population who would have no vested interest in the neighborhood. The east side of James Avenue has become a massive complex of rental units clustered on this hillside in the just the last few years. Parking and basic services are strained by this explosion in population density.

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