The Free Press, Mankato, MN

October 2, 2013

Cutting into hillside recipe for disaster

The Mankato Free Press

---- — I would like to comment on the report by The Free Press regarding the proposed ravine development east of Stoltzman Road and James Avenue.

It appears the source of information for the report relies on Dan Moore’s point of view. He bases his support for the project on renters in the area, a transient population who would have no vested interest in the neighborhood. The east side of James Avenue has become a massive complex of rental units clustered on this hillside in the just the last few years. Parking and basic services are strained by this explosion in population density.

This project proposes cutting into the hillside with the promise of close proximity to the university campus. Unless Moore plans on renting to mountain goats, there is no way his renters would have access to campus with the steep slope. Their other options would be to use the city bus on James Avenue or walk parallel to the hill through our property to the sidewalk above Fairfield Avenue. This area has already become a magnet for the minority element engaged in drug used and underage drinking.

The area used to be a family neighborhood. Jefferson, a grade school, is part of this neighborhood. It is not necessary to expose these children to an adverse environment just to enrich Moore’s financial status.

Cutting into the hillside is a recipe for disaster from mudslides, flooding of properties below this project, to fire hazards when the hill becomes tender dry. Let’s save what is left of this wooded area for the benefit of our children.

Mary Miller