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January 9, 2013

Your View: Now is the time for MSU alumni to be heard

— Where are the Mankato State/Minnesota State University athletic alumni?

What we know:

1. Our favorite athletic department and academic institution has received unfavorable publicity -- far and wide.

2. The Minnesota State University-Mankato football coach and his family have suffered enormously from false accusations.

3. The football coach selected a superb staff and led that staff in recruiting some outstanding student athletes who almost became national champions in 2012.

What we think we know:

1. Did someone in the office of MSU's telephone "headquarters" think they uncovered a "Sandusky case" right here in Mankato?

2. MSU says its continuing its investigation.

3. In the meantime, what to do with the football coach?  The decision: "Let's farm him out."

The latest word:

In the most recent "meantime" the football coach has received an "interim?" position as assistant athletic director for facilities development who will report not to the athletic director but to the vice president for finance and administration.


Alum, grab your pen. I suggest that Mankato State/MSU-M athletic alumni respond in writing to this situation. I'm sure the following officials would like to hear from you regarding the MSU football coach and his football program:  The president of MSU, the MSU athletic director, the MSU vice president for finance and administration and the supervisor of MSU telephone communications.


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