The Free Press, Mankato, MN

February 2, 2013

Your View: Clark Johnson: Caring, generous, capable

Leigh Pomeroy, Mankato

— I want to tell two stories about Clark Johnson.

When our twins were eight, my wife and I attended a convention in the Twin Cities. We had taken the boys along; when one of us was attending sessions, the other would watch them.

One afternoon there was a session we both wanted to attend. Clark Johnson was at the convention as well, and we mentioned this to him. Without a second thought, Clark said,  “I’ll watch them for you. In fact, I’ll take them to the Twins game. Have they ever been to a Twins game?”

They hadn’t. Clark took them to the Twins game, it was the first baseball game they ever attended, and they remember it today.

Story number two:

Recently I happened to mention to a co-worker that Clark Johnson was running for state representative in House District 19A.

“Oh,” she said, “he was one of my favorite professors at MSU. I was taking a geography class when the assigned professor had to drop out. Clark took over the class even though he wasn’t a geographer and did a fantastic job.”

This is the essence of Clark Johnson: Giving, generous, selfless, and able to step into just about any situation and do a fantastic job.

Clark Johnson is just the kind of person we need in our state Legislature.