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August 13, 2013

Right-wing DeKruif touts scandals not solutions

Since the Vietnam War era, many Democrats have warned against potential abuse of government power under the guise of national security. But that’s very different from Al DeKruif (Free Press, Aug. 8) trumpeting phony scandals to satisfy, as I see it, his ambition to join extreme right-wing Republicans in Congress.

Since political contributions are not tax deductible, why doesn’t he demand stricter rules to prevent tax exemptions for groups engaging in political campaigning?

Instead of blowing hot air about Benghazi, why isn’t he criticizing gridlock produced when the House Republican majority passes extreme bills that have no chance of becoming law?

Why isn’t he criticizing gridlock produced when House Republicans reject bipartisan compromises worked out in the Senate?

Why isn’t Dekruif criticizing their Hastert Rule by which House Republicans produce gridlock and minority rule by not bringing up a bill for a vote unless a majority of their caucus supports it?

Why isn’t Dekruif criticizing Republican extremists in the House and Senate trying to shut down the government unless Obamacare is defunded?

Why isn’t he criticizing those Republicans willing to sacrifice the nation’s credit rating and economic recovery by holding a debt ceiling increase hostage to their ideological demand for deep spending cuts and no tax increases?

Why isn’t Dekruif criticizing Republicans blocking jobs bills and infrastructure improvements needed for greater economic recovery from the Great Recession?

Why isn’t he criticizing the Republican fact-deniers opposing climate change measures and pretending the $760 billion stimulus package contributed nothing to the economic recovery?

Why isn’t he retracting the steady stream of misleading statements in his Free Press articles?

Answer to these questions: Dekruif’s a right-wing Republican extremist.

Ron Yezzi




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