The Free Press, Mankato, MN

December 8, 2012

Your View: For answers to the fiscal mess, see Ron Paul

Rich Putman, Mankato

— I predict that within the next two years a financial trauma will hit the United States. Such a prediction does not require genius thinking. Even the mainstream media are discussing the economy “going over a financial cliff.” It’s likely to be ugly, with lots of angry blaming.

At that point, millions are going to be wondering: (1) “Just how did we end up in this awful calamity?” (2) “How can we get ourselves out of this mess?”

If you’d like answers to both questions now, watch Texas Congressman Ron Paul’s Nov. 14, 49-minute farewell speech to Congress. Then when that day of reckoning comes, you’ll already have answers to both of those key questions. The link to the video is