The Free Press, Mankato, MN

October 29, 2013

Free Press should include more Gopher football

The Mankato Free Press

---- — It is unfortunate that we have to read the Star Tribune to get good coverage of the University of Minnesota football games. Recently, their newspaper had two large colored pictures of the Gopher quarterback after leading the Gophers to an upset victory over Northwestern University.

And the quarterback just happened to be Philip Nelson, one of Mankato’s hometown boys. At the same time The Free Press had coverage of the game on page D4, without AP photographs of Philip but one of the coach. We realize that Minnesota State is our hometown college and deserves our support, but the U of M is the state university and should received decent coverage.

It appears that the sports department of The Free Press does not have a lot of interest in the U of M. This was evidenced by the fact that when we had six of the Gopher coaches in Mankato for an open house on May 17, no one from your sports department showed up, even after we paid for a color ad to promote the event. At the same time, TV and radio were there with their “community service” program.

Don Kvasknicka

North Mankato