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November 10, 2013

Activity, not weight key in health

On Oct. 22 the College of Allied Health & Nursing with the Exercise is Medicine Club brought Dr. Glenn Gaesser here to give his “Big Fat Lies: The Truth about Your Weight & Your Health” presentation. Over 600 students, faculty, staff and area health professionals attended this presentation. It was standing room only. I am disappointed in The Free Press that they missed this event.

I will try to summarize the points of Dr. Gaesser’s presentation. 1. Weight loss and dieting doesn’t work and may actually be contributing to weight gain in our society. 2. Most Americans weight cycle — lose weight and gain it back multiple times. Weight cycling has been proven to have many adverse health outcomes. 3. For most Americans your weight is not important for your overall health. What is important is you level of fitness and eating healthy.

The message I got from this presentation is be active,exercise and eat healthy and don’t worry about your weight. There are more and more studies in medical journals that support exercise and not weight is what is really important for your health.

I want to thank Dr. Cherie Pettitt and the MSU Exercise is Medicine Club for putting on this great event. This might be the start of a paradigm shift in how we treat obesity that will have a positive impact in the greater Mankato area.

Chip Gay


Tea party capable of sabotage

The “Taliban tea party” has shown everyone it will resort to whatever means to promote its ideology.

They really don’t care which business, which family is destroyed. They attempt to inform you it is for your own good. If that doesn’t work, they will tell you it was someone else’s idea.

They must believe people are really stupid. Wait, they did get elected so there might be some truth in that statement.

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