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July 13, 2013

Try farm bill that all can agree on

Try farm bill thatall can agree on

Larry Kiewel (July 5) seemed to suggest the Republican sponsored farm bill failed in the House because too many Republicans (62) voted against it. In my response (July 9) I suggested the failure was because too many Democrats (172) voted against it. We could both be correct. Based on simple mathematics, you choose which was more likely.

Along comes Ron Yezzi (July 11) who suggests that if the 62 Republicans had not voted “...against their own party’s bill...” it would have passed. He is correct too. But had Republicans voted straight party line and the bill passed, I expect there might have been outrage from Democrats who thought the cuts were too deep.

Mr. Yezzi suggests if House Republicans would have brought the Senate farm bill up for a vote “... it would have had overwhelming Democratic support.” He might be correct there too. But pursuant to Federalist 66, the Article 1 Section 7 Origination Clause and precedent, bills appropriating revenue are to originate with the House of Representatives.

Mr. Yezzi does not speculate whether there would have been sufficient House Republican support to pass the Senate bill. I will. There might not have been, because Republicans consider the doubling in food stamp spending over the past five years to be excessive

So let’s start over in the House, and see if we can come-up with something acceptable to the House, Senate, the president and, most important, the people and the economy.

Bob Jentges

North Mankato

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