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July 13, 2013

Rich are 'takers' from the poor 'makers'

I would like to add to Fred Slocum’s letter by saying that Republicans don’t really care about the deficit that much.

A case in point: While every other time in our nation’s history, war has been met with tax increases, the Bush administration actually cut taxes during the time he made two wars. The result was catastrophic budget deficits.

Republicans like to mouth their concern about deficits, but their actions belie that. Instead, experience has shown that Republicans support a military and police state at the expense of all programs and other help to poor and middle-class people. After all, why would the poor care about police and military? They don’t change their life style or give them opportunity, except to die for their country/community.

I think it is time a progressive tax be reinstated in the state and nation to ensure the rich pay their share and show the appropriate homage to a country and community that gave them the opportunities for their prosperity. They did not accomplish what they did in a vacuum.

It is actually the selfish and greedy rich who are the actual “takers” in our society. When I hear a rich person say they “built” something, I cringe. No, they actually paid for it. It was the poor and middle-class that actually built it. And when it comes to the defense of our nation, it is the poor and middle-class that have done that too. It is actually the poor and middle-classes that are the “makers” and the rich that are the “takers. It’s just that the rich are too used to “over the top” flattery.

Dan Conner

North Mankato

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