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July 23, 2013

DeKruif should offer ideas on health care

The following comments are reflections to the Your View commentary by Al Dekruif published July 13.

Mr. Dekruif, I have read your articles over the last several years in The Free Press and other publications and I have heard you speak on several occasions. You always seem to offer criticism or negative comments on policies of the government. In this case, as in several other times, it is on the Affordable Care Act.

I don’t agree or disagree with your comments in general as I really don’t know how the ACA affects employers as a whole. But, according to you, it really won’t work for employers or provide the health care needs for employees.

What I would like to have you do is to share your thoughts on what will work for both the employer and the employee. Say, a list of six or eight clear points that would be workable and make health care sense for all.

Possibly you could share with us how you, your family, and possibly your employees (if any) are able to access affordable health care.

Dick Peterson

Belle Plaine



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