The Free Press, Mankato, MN

July 26, 2013

Walz has represented people well

---- — In reply to Allen Quist’s letter published July 18: Nonsense. Rep. Tim Walz is and has been a very good representative of the people.

Granted, he thinks about the poor in contrast to his Republican counterparts who seem to believe that is not necessary.

The farm bill, if separated from food stamps, would probably pass the House because it provides lots of money to agri-business, which by the way, most of them do not need.

The separation of food stamps would also eliminate other services. If you want the facts, read the bill.

Politicians like Mr. Quist are the reason Congress has an all-time low approval rating. Name calling, falsehoods, unwillingness to be part of good government procedure, disregard for the poor and a “just say no” attitude is what we have now with politicians like Quist.

I am really getting tired of all the nonsense.

You were all elected to serve all the people, rich and poor. Most of you are not doing your job. If you can’t change and do what you were elected for, get out.

Ron Purcell