The Free Press, Mankato, MN

November 15, 2012

Your View: Both parties are getting wakeup call

By Michael Burger, Mankato

— This election should be a wakeup call, not only to the GOP but also to the Democrats. This year, 69,993 Minnesotans voted for a presidential candidate who was not from your two parties.

GOP, your party is losing members because you didn’t focus on jobs. You did very little, but not jobs. You tossed people under the bus instead of combining state agencies and fiscally downsizing state government like the Democratic governor of Connecticut is doing. You didn’t do tax reform or property tax reform and you don’t have a plan to do these things.

Democrats, this should be a wakeup call for you as well. If you don’t do tax reform, property tax reform, create private sector jobs, or combine state agencies to downsize state government, then you will be replaced in two years.

The 23 percent approval rating the legislature has right now is a pox on both your parties.

The Libertarian Party, the Socialist Workers Party, the Constitution Party, the Constitutional Government Party, the Green Party, the Grassroots Party, the Socialism and Liberation Party, the Justice Party, the Minnesota Progressive Party, the Reform Party USA and the Whig Party of Minnesota all are seeing increases in membership.

GOP and DFL, you better stop the bickering and get the people’s business done, or both your parties will be kicked out in two years. We are watching you, so get the job done quickly. Remember, 23 percent approval means 77 percent don’t like the job that either of your parties is doing.

You better change now or the people will vote you both out.